Grass Fed Whey Protein Bar

Grass Fed Whey Protein Bar

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Two main factors were taken into consideration when developing this bar – it needed to be nutrient dense and delicious!

Our Grass Fed Whey Protein Bars start with Matakana Superfoods Grass Fed Whey Protein +, oven roasted chunks of almonds and pumpkin seeds add additional protein and help reduce the “gluggy” mouthfeel often associated with protein bars.

Purecoco Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil along with Belgium chocolate, Heilala Vanilla Extract and Manuka Honey are used as binding agents allowing us to pack in the protein.

- Over 23g Protein (nearly 50% RDI)

- Low Carbohydrate (less than 16 grams)

- Gluten Free

- Egg Free

- Soy Free

- Preservative Free

Products are handmade and cut so weight variance may occur.


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