“You scar so well”

Four weeks ago I underwent lower body skin removal surgery over in The United States with Dr Repta. I had been through a very similar operation just under three years ago with the removal of skin on my upper body. I was left with scars covering large areas of my body, I didn’t use anything to try and heal them faster or rub on them for enhanced healing. The scars were very clean as my surgeon is extremely talented but the healing process took nearly a year before the deep purple/pink faded from the scars they become less raised. When I booked in for my latest surgery I started investigating different options and products I could use to help my body in the healing process. 



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After a lot of research it was a New Zealand company, Adashiko, that I decided to try. I realised that applying a product externally post op wouldn’t be as effective as preparing my body internally for months before would be. Adashiko products contain Japanese peptide collagen which is the best in the world in terms of potency and absorption.

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I chose the Adashiko Ultra Collagen formula, which, according to the website “offers multidimensional support for health, elasticity and anti-aging throughout the body”. Taking collagen as a supplement helps to replenish and boost natural collagen production, and assists the body during the healing and repairing process. Perfect for me pre and post-surgery. Some of the other uses/benefits of Adashiko Ultra are as follows: 

* Replenishes and boosts collagen levels in the body. 

* Provides multidimensional support for full body health, strength and elasticity. 

* Supports joints, ligaments, and cartilage for greater mobility and flexibility. Increases lubrication in all movable parts of the body. 

* Creates firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin, with boosted hydration levels. 

* Increases collagen production and protects the body with additional antioxidant support. 

* Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. 

* Strengthens and fortifies hair, skin, and nails. 

* Encourages recovery after sport, exercise, injury, and surgery. 

* Supports lean muscle mass and weight loss due to its satiating effect. 

* Promotes healthy digestion and heals the gut lining. 

I had tried another collagen product in the past but had given up soon after starting because it had a gritty unusual taste. When I tried Adashiko I was very impressed that it had no weird taste or odour; in fact it was totally undetectable in my smoothie. 

After ordering a three-month supply I was excited to get started! Unusually (well I thought) I noticed results within a few weeks, my nails and hair were growing at a much faster rate and I was getting comments most days on how glowy and beautiful my skin looked. I must admit that alongside the powder I ordered the Collagen and Noni Gel that I was applying nightly to my face and neck area, which on the website was said to “exfoliate, tone, hydrate, repair, and regenerate”. I like that the formula is fragrance and paraben-free and that it also works to reduce breakouts and as an anti-aging serum. It’s a great all-rounder. 

Fast forward six months and I am now a month post op from my second massive operation which was the removal of the skin on my thighs and bottom. This was an 11 hour surgery which took a massive toll on my body. It was just this week when I was taking my usual weekly progress photos that I noticed my scars are already looking like they did a year post op from my upper body skin removal. I am still in shock when I compare my weekly photos and see just how quickly my body has repaired itself this time around. I truly put so much of this down to these incredible products as nothing else in my routine has changed dramatically this time around other than my decision to start taking Adashiko.

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To check out their range of products for yourself head along to their website - https://www.adashiko.com


Simone Pretscherer