Eye Health With Specsavers

It's been nearly three years since I decided to take my health into my own hands and make changes for a healthier and more active lifestyle. I promised myself I would look after all aspects of my health, both physical and mental. I have taken great pride in what I eat, how often I exercise, ensuring I have a balanced social life and even my skin care routine and dental hygiene has improved. Although it wasn't until recently I realised that that there was one huge part of my body that hadn't even crossed my mind to check and that was the health of my eyes. I can only vaguely remember my last eye exam and that is scary! I would have been no older than 10, well over 16 years ago. So sticking to my promise to myself I booked in at Specsavers St Lukes for a comprehensive eye exam.

On arrival I had preliminary measurements and scans taken that then gave the optometrist more information about my eyes which included;

- Electronic measurement of how your eyes focus

- Measurements of the curvature of your eyes to aid with contact lens fitting

- Measurement of your eye pressures to screen for glaucoma

- Digital Retinal Photography of your eyes is included free in all eye exams at Specsavers. This allows the optometrist to screen for any abnormalities, assisting with early detection of diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal changes associated with diabetes. 

These tests took about five minutes and were painless. I had to have a giggle that the poor girl had a bit of cleaning to do after what looked like my whole face of foundation was left on all the white parts of the testing machine! After these initial tests I was introduced to the optometrist who followed up with a few generic questions about my concerns and any family health history, including the reason for my visit which was just wanting to have a general eye checkup.

She ran some tests to measure my vision, and to my shock there were some things I was struggling to see. She then assessed the health of my eyes and screened for eye conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Once the testing was done she showed me the photos that were taken at the beginning of my appointment and explained my Digital Retinal Photographs. She explained in detail what the images meant and I was pleased to hear I had perfect eye health. There was some slight need for help in the vision department, as I was told I am actually long sighted. Meaning I struggled with reading things up close such as a computer screen or book. 

The optometrist then introduced me to a member of the Specsavers team who helped guide me in the right direction for the frame selection process. He explained to me that because of the long periods of time I spend staring at a screen each day my eyes become tense and the glasses will help relax this and take the strain away from them. Then he asked me what style I thought would be my go to and I said big and bold of course! From there he led me around the store and picked out a few styles he thought I may like. To my surprise both the very first pairs he picked up for me were the ones I instantly fell in love with. He then took my measurements and told me my glasses would be ready to collect in 10 days time. 

I am honestly so pleased I made my eye health a priority and booked in with Specsavers. I think we often forget just how important something like vision is until something drastic happens. When in reality it's a simple quick check up that can answer all the "what ifs" and set our mind at peace. To book your eye exam appointment today head to specsavers.co.nz




Simone Pretscherer