Weekend Adventure to Waitomo

This year ANZAC day fell on a Tuesday so both Trent and I took Monday off work meaning we had a 4 day weekend. We hit the road at midday on Tuesday for a very easy 2 and a half hour drive, we were lucky to get a stunning day which always makes road trips so much more enjoyable.

We arrived at our accommodation for the evening, Waitomo Caves Hotel which is reportedly the most haunted hotel in New Zealand where we meet up with two of our friends Haley and her partner Chris. We had a few minutes to throw all our things in our room before we had to get to our first adventure location The Legendary Black Water Rafting. Putting on soaking wet wet suit was not the best start but it certainly made me get used to the cold in an instance!  For the next three hours we explored the most amazing caves with our guides and tubes in hand. I could not recommend this experience more, it was thrilling and totally started our adventure trip off with a bang.

Freezing cold with hand and feet that were barely functioning we headed back to the cafe area of the company where we were greeted with hot Tomato soup and bagels. Home we went where we had quick showers and got changed for a casual dinner at the Huhu across the road. The food was some of the best we had eaten in a while we started with Risotto balls, had the duck for our main and a peanut butter Parfait for dessert. Exhausted we snuggled into bed by 10pm and slept like babies instantly! 

Our alarm was set bright and early so we could grab a quick breakfast before our first activity of the say which was a tour of Ruakuri caves. This was a two hour walk through some of the most incredible underground caves I have ever seen, we had two amazing guides who gave us in depth detail and history of these stunning caves.

As soon as our tour arrived back at the ticket window we had our next tour of the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves starting - this was a far more tourist type tour but still really enjoyable. Our tour guide was a local and knew his stuff but was also extremely funny at the same time with an amazing voice as he demonstrated to us in the "cathedral" of the cave! We then took a short boat ride through the caves and got the see the glow worms in abundance. 

This is when Hayley and Chris left us and started their car trip back to Auckland, but we were not done just yet! We still had two more spots we wanted to tick off our list, the first being The Mangapohue Natural Bridge. To get to this first location it was about a 30 minute drive from Waitomo's town centre through some very windy roads! The Mangapohue Natural Bridge consists of two rock arches formed by the Mangapohue Stream in the Marokopa River. The 17 m high limestone arches are a remnant of an ancient cave system. The walk while short was breathtaking, I have never seen such lush dark greenery, so naturally we used this as a major photo opportunity. 

From here we drove for a further ten minutes until we hit the Marokopa Falls which is one of the most impressive waterfalls in New Zealand, Marokopa Falls is located in Tawarau Forest. It is included in New Zealand Must See Waterfalls list and I can totally see why. We sprinted back to the car and started our journey home, we were both exhausted. On the drive home we just had to stop in at the Big Apple for a real fruit ice-cream, we got one to share and instantly regretted this decision as we began to fight over who was eating more! Waitomo you were a total thrill and we can not wait to come back, I also did a vlog of our trip which I will link below.