Homemade Sushi

I always struggle to come up with fun and easy dinner ideas when I am having a few of my friends around. Often I only have 30 minutes after work to quickly prep something before faces start showing up at my door. I have found such a fun and delicious option that caters to most dietary requirements - homemade sushi!

All you need to do is throw a few cups of sushi rice (I used 4 as I had 8 people coming round) in a rice cooker for about 20 minutes before your friends arrive and start prepping what you want to fill them with. I used left over vegetables that were in our fridge at the time which is a very cheap and good way to use up extras. We used red cabbage, capsicum, avocado, bean sprouts, carrot, and cucumber. I opted for salmon for the protein portion as I have a few pescatarian's in our group. 

What I love about this dish is that this is as far as you have to go. People love and enjoy making up their rolls themselves. It also means fussy eaters can pop in just what they love, and there will be no complaints!