A Skylark Sings

A Skylark Sings


Memoirs of my Gran - Norma Pretscherer

This beautiful, easy to read, 245 page book details out the life of Norma Pretscherer. Following her childhood years through to her life as a nurse right through to her family life, this book is bound to give you many laughs and maybe even a few tears.

I am so proud of you Granny for accomplishing one of your many life goals, publishing your first book at 86!


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When reading this book, you may be inclined to feel sad for the little girl who grew up without a mother and with so little. But this is not how Norma feels. In fact, the opposite is true. Norma believes she had a wonderful childhood, full of adventure, mischief, learning, nature and above all, love from a family that cared deeply for each other and their community in Waimate. She has never spoken of her childhood with even a hint of sadness or bitterness.

We believe her childhood shaped her into the strong, capable, grateful, selfless and giving person she is today.

Norma, at age 86, lives life as if she has another 100 years to live: planning future events and throwing herself into projects, showing very few signs of slowing down.

To say Norma is the foundation of our family would be an understatement. She is literally the glue that holds us all together: we seek out her company, ask her advice, treasure her wisdom and knowledge, and rely on her moral compass to guide us through life.

We can phone or drop by at any time of the day or night and Norma will be there for us, but above all else, we know we are loved unconditionally.

We are truly fortunate and thankful to have you as our mother and grandmother. Thank you for this gift of your life story.

Nikki Pretscherer (My Mummo)